No matter what you have accomplished; in many cases, the weather will determine who attends your funeral

Heaven is a City without a cemetery

Life is a death sentence you cannot escape.

Graveyards are full of irreplaceable people.

Men talk of killing time, while time is quietly killing them.


Hebron ChurchThis site is dedicated to providing information about cemeteries (or graveyards to some people- located in the Southern Half of the United States. We hope to be able to provide a picture, the location, and the occupants of as many cemeteries as posible.


Pre-Death Planning Information


Rev. Mike Jones


Note the inscripton: "On Earth / In Heaven". A great description of a person's life!

It began partly from curiosity and partly as a result of my "job." As a Pastor, I had to visit cemeteries on a regular basis; either helping with or attending funerals. The most prominent feature of a cemetery is the tombstones.

At first I just noticed them as obstacles to be avoided, but then I began looking for the messages on the tombstones. Some contain just the bare facts; name, date of birth, and date of death. That's helpful to some degree because it allowed me to determine how old the person was when they died (Lots and lots of people die very young!!).

If it was a husband and wife tomb it might also contain the wedding date of the couple. That allowed me to see how old they were when they were married (Sometimes people marry VERY young) and how long one lived after the other's death.

Sometimes, however, the tomb will also contain a short saying or a poem. Those are the ones that allow me to see how the person was perceived by their loved ones. In many of them you could almost feel the aching heart of parents for small children or the longing of a husband for a departed wife.

Tombstones indeed have a testimony. Among other things, they tell us that everyone has to die, that many die a lot sooner than they expect, and that those who are left behind will reflect on the way you have lived.

When the tombstone is placed over your grave will your family rejoice in the life you've lived or will it be just cold hard stone over a wasted life and missed opportunities?


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